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Sábado, 04.11.17

Acores - Flores island - Lajes: - On the outermost island of the Azores, near a small fishing village on the south east, there stands by itself, a church dedicated to São Caetano. Built in 1888, it has a quaint style with a single belfry in the middle of the facade.

Acores - Pico island: - Sao Caetano is a town on the southern coast in a magnificent bay, with its parish church built in 1878 and dedicated to Sao Caetano. Pictures on Right. Also on the island of Pico: small 17th century rectangular chapel dedicated to Sao Caetano in a rural area. Has a small sacristy attached to it. Pictures Left.    

Here on Pico is also a beach of Sao Caetano (or Prainha do Sul) is still called Prainha do Galeao (literally, Little Beach of the Galleon) because of the ship built there by Garcia Goncalves Madruga in the 16th century to pay debts owed to King Joao III.       

Acores - Sao Miguel island: - Fort Sao Caetano near the beautiful beaches of Milicias and Areal Grande.                                                                

Aveiro - Travasso: - In Travasso', a small village, a small Church dedicated to Sao Caetano with a small statue of him over the main altar. Pictures on the Right.   

Beja - Cuba: A few kilometres from Cuba, not far from Beja, is a church that dates from 16th century. It was previously dedicated to Sao Caetano. Near the church, there was an old Roman dam, whose ruins still exist. This dam would later give a new name to the church which had its dedication changed to Our Lady of the Dam (Represa, in Portuguese).  

Braga - Guimaraes - Gonca: - The Parish Church of St.Michael hosts four major side altars inside, one of which is dedicated to Sao Caetano which owes its existence to a now defunct brotherhood. The extinct Brotherhood of Sao Caetano, according to the parish records of 1842, had many perpetual indulgences for the brothers in several days of the year, provided by Clement XII in 1734 and by Clement XIV in 1772.       

Braga - Maximinos:

Sao Caetano College run by the La Salle brothers founded in 1791 by D. Frei Caetano Brandao, Archbishop of Braga. This college shelters children and youth of both sexes who come from broken families. The college usually cares for about a hundred children from around Portugal and from Portuguese speaking African countries. 

Braganca - Macedo de Cavaleiros: - Church of Vale Benfeito: On the right is the figure of Sao Caetano.                                                        

Coimbra - Cantanhede: - Church of Sao Caetano in a village of the same name on the outskirts of Cantanhede. Raised to Parish status in 1926. Pictures Right include the original church.         

Coura - Agualonga: - In the church of the small village of Agualonga in the district of Coura in Portugal, there is a chapel dedicated to Sao Caetano.                 

Estremadura - Mafra: - The Mafra National Palace is a baroque monument which also served as a Franciscan convent, was built during the reign of King John V (1707-1750). The palace is built symmetrically with the centre occupied by a basilica which is decorated with several Italian statues among which is S.Caietanus (note: in Latin).

Guarda - Celorico da Beira: - The Fountain of Sao Caetano at Celorico da Beira. Picture on Right...      

Guarda - Gouveia - Lagarinhos: - Chapel of Sao Caetano of Romanesque style. On the doorway of the facade there is the coat of arms of the Province. Picture on the Right......           

Madeira island: - Chapel of Sao Caetano.                                                              

Porto - Madalena: - Sao Caetano church. Picture on Right.....       

Santarem: Sao Caetano: - Populated area with a chapel dedicated to the Saint.              

Viana do Castelo - Longos Vales: - On top of a hill named after Sao Caetano near the village of Longos Vales, there is a church also dedicated to the Saint with some archaeological digs on the remains of an old Sao Caetano fort and a prehistoric bronze age settlement close by.       

Viana do Castelo - Madalena: - Church of Sao Caetano

Vila Real - Agua Reves: - Baroque Chapel built in 1737 by Manuel Mariz Sarmento whose coat-of-arms one can see on the facade. Inside is an ornately sculptured altar with a statue of the Saint in the centre above the tabernacle. Pictures Right...     

Vila Real - Chaves: - Sao Caetano chapel and fountain the water of which is said to be miraculous. People come here in pilgrimage in great numbers on the 7th of August. Inside the chapel are kept the seven images of the saint that his followers carry while walking on their feet or knees around the same chapel. Actually this location is made up of a small church and a chapel. Pictures below......                   

Vila Real - Valpacos: - Chapel of Sao Caetano. Note the beautiful coat-of-arms over the doorway.        

Vila Real - Mesao Frio: - Chapel of Sao Caetano. Statue and feast of the Saint


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